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Dear listeners!

Welcome to the course of Ukrainian!

The course of Ukrainian as a foreign language is obligatory for all foreign listeners that study in Ukraine.

Welcome to Ukrainian course for foreign citizens that decided to learn the Ukrainian language! Ukrainian is an elementary practical course for English speaking listeners, who chose distance learning at Sumy State University.

This introductory course does not cover the entire lexical and structural richness of the Ukrainian language. However, it can serve as an introduction to a deeper and more fundamental study of the Ukrainian language.

The course consists of eight modules that acquaint the listeners with the Ukrainian phonetic system, articulation of the sounds, peculiarities of stress and intonation as well as the basic grammar.

The phonetic and grammar material is introduced in small portions, each of which is presented under its own module. A module consists of units having the following structure: a lecture, a practice report, tests and simulations. The last two are based on the vocabulary of the present unit. Tasks are arranged according to the increasing degree of difficulties encountered by the student.

Read the content of the learning course сarefully. Pay attention to the number of modules that are planned for studying. You will need to do the appropriate number of simulations, tests, and practical tasks.

2. The material should be studied in the next order:

– study the theory;

– watch video attached to the lesson and repeat after the speaker to practice your pronunciation;

– learn new words. The full list of words suggested for studying during the course you can find at the end of the course (Vocabulary); 

– do the tasks to check yourself. They are designed to help you with tests, simulations and practical tasks. To assess your level of knowledge there are keys after these tasks;

– do the test;

– do the practice report;

– do the simulation if there is one.

We wish you success in your study!

The course designed by the lecturers of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens.

Мета та завдання:

Learning the Ukrainian language in the distance form during the first year is aimed at the forming of Ukrainian language minimal level communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

At the end of the course students are expected to read elementary authentic texts in order to get information and to take part in conversations about everyday affairs, cultural and professional issues.

Regular testing is undertaken to check the level of students’ skills. At the end of the academic year students are supposed to get credits either at the university or on-line.

Зміст дисципліни

  • Introduction
  • Objectives and tasks of the course
  • Algorithm
  • Information about the authors of the course
  • References and Bibliography
  • Unit 1 Ukraine. Sumy. Sumy State University.
  • Unit 2 Ukrainian Language, its phonetical and grammar peculiarities. Vowels and Consonants. The Ukrainian Alphabet
  • Unit 3 Sounds [а, м, к, е, ф, в, у, п, б, о, т, д]. Intonation of the Declarative Sentence.
  • Unit 4 Sounds [н]. Intonation of the Special Question. Intonation of the General Question. Affirmative Answer.
  • Unit 5 Sounds [с, з, и]. Intonation of Sentence with Conjunction a.
  • Unit 6 Sounds [ц, ʤ, л]. Noun. General Information about the Plural Forms.
  • Unit 7 Sound [i]. Soft Consonants [ть, дь, нь].
  • Unit 8 Noun. General Information about Gender. Personal Pronouns він, вона, воно, вони.
  • Unit 9 Negative Sentances.
  • Unit 10 Sound [й]. Interchange і - й. Letters я, ю, є, ї.
  • Unit 11 Letters Я, Ю, Є after Soft Consonant and Apostrophe
  • Unit 12 Apostrophe. Letters я, ю, є, ї after soft consonants and apostrophe.
  • Unit 13 Sounds [ш, ж, ч, дж].
  • Unit 14 Letter щ and sound [х]. Pronouns хто, що.
  • Unit 15 The Adjective.
  • Unit 16 Verb. Conjugation 1: verbs читати, слухати, писати. Present Tense.
  • Unit 17 Sound [р]. Adjectives denoting colours.
  • Unit 18 Verb. Conjugation 2: verbs стояти, сидіти, лежати. Present Tense.
  • Unit 19 Imperative Mood.
  • Unit 20 Long Consonants. Noun. Plural of Neuter Nouns.
  • Unit 21 Conjugation of the verbs жити, розповідати, відповідати.
  • Unit 22 Sounds [г, ґ]. Conjugation of the verbs купувати, давати, продавати, дякувати. Possessive Pronouns його́ (his) and її́ (her)
  • Unit 23 Sound [ль].Interchange of Initial У - В
  • Unit 24 Conjugation of the verbs робити, любити.
  • Unit 25 Sound [рь]. Noun. Plural Form.
  • Unit 26 Conjugation of verbs учитися, вчитися, працювати. Adverbs добре and погано.
  • Unit 27 Conjugation of verb говорити. Etiquette Formulas.
  • Unit 28 Ukrainian Vowels. Apostrophe.
  • Unit 29 Ukrainian Consonants. Hard and Soft Consonants.
  • Unit 30 Long Consonants. Voiced and Voiceless Consonants. Stress. Main Types of Intonation.
  • Vocabulary
  • Final Quizz


Larysa V. Bidenko – the Head of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences.

Alla A. Sylka – Associate Professor of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens, Candidate of Philological Sciences.

Hanna V. Diadchenko  – Senior Teacher  of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens,  Candidate of Philological Sciences.

Maryna S. Kazandzhyieva – Associate Professor of the Department  of Language Training for Foreign Citizens, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences.

Olha P. Konok –  Senior Teacher of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens.

Nataliia O. Vorona – Teacher of the Department of Language Training for Foreign Citizens.

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